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Clown à Domicile

Welcome into the magical world of pompon the clown!


Pompon the clown offers puppet shows, magician shows and shade shows for children’s christenings at home. For children’s birthdays at home he performs as a clown, a magician, a puppeteer, a storyteller and a balloon sculpture. For children’s communions at home he can perform as a magician, a clown, a storyteller and a puppeteer.

For confirmations at home he offers mime shows, stilt walking performances and automaton acts. For receptions he offers magic shows, barrel organ performances and “fake waiter” acts. For car boot sales, he proposes stilt walking performances, magic shows, barrel organ performances and automaton acts.

For village parties, he does circus and balance shows and for carnivals he proposes stilt walking performances, magician shows and juggling acts. For all types of commercial animations Francois can perform as a clown, a stilt walker, a storyteller, an automaton, a barrel organ player and a magician. For schools parties, he can be a storyteller, a magician and a barrel organ player.

For other events such as Christmas parties and Christmas markets he performs as a magician, a barrel organ player and a storyteller. For Halloween he can dress up as a witch or a gorilla.  For Saint Valentine’s Day he does miming acts, clown shows, barrel organ performances and magic shows. Finally for Easter, he can perform as silt walking rabbit, a barrel organ player, a storyteller and a magician.

All these events are occasions to discover the wide range of performances offered by Pompon the clown.

Pompon the clown offers a wide range of shows and animations for young children, for older children, for adults, for elderly people and for people with disabilities.

Indeed, Pompon the clown is also a magician, a storyteller, a comedian, a singer, a silt walker, a musician, an automaton, a balloon sculptor and a puppeteer. He will show you black and white shadow shows and he will make you dance to the tunes of the barrel organ.

And that’s why Pompon the clown is the man for you if you want to host a great children’s birthday party or a fantastic wedding party!

François will amaze and awaken your children from as young 1 with an intriguing black and white shadow show.

The puppeteer will amaze children between 3 and 9 years old with a musical puppet shown.
The clown on stilts will amuse with a clown show and balloon tricks.

The magician will intrigue adolescents and adults with magic tricks.

The storyteller will seduce adults with his fabulous tales.

The automaton will attract the attention of people with disabilities.

And finally the musician will make elderly people feel nostalgic with the tunes of a barrel organ.

Enjoy your visit !

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Pompon le clown à la maison
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